Talented Performers who will contribute as singers and dancers at the 2021 America's Birthday Parade

Performing Arts Centre

Owners/Directors:  Debbie Tracy Davenport

Parade Coordinators:  Sydney Gibbs, Megan Mayer, Emily Boehme

Website:  performingartscentre.net


The Professional Dance Center

Owner: Yvonne Meyer Hare

Artistic Director: Jeana Smith

Parade Coordinator: Cheri Blasé

Website:  pdcstl.com 

U Can Dance Studio St. Louis

Owners/Artistic Directors: Mary Poll-Collins & Stan Collins

Assistant Artistic Director:  Tina Stemmler

Website:  ucandancestudio.com

Ashleyliane Dance Company

Owner/Artistic Director: Ashley L. Tate

Assistant Director:  Jacquilynn Proctor

Rehearsal Director:  Thomas Proctor

Website:  Ashleyliane.com

Saint Louis Performance Academy

Owner & Artistic Director:  Emily Wicks Hawkins

Website:  Saintlouisperformanceacademy.com

Best Dance & Talent Center

Owner/Artistic Director:  Judy Best-Person

Parade Coordinators:  Nicol Shipp & Carolyn Redmond

Website:  besttalentcenter.com

Dynamic Edge Dance Center

Owner/Artistic Director:  Lisa Sabbath

Assistant Artistic Director :  Sarah Penberthy

Website:  dynamicedgedancecenter.com

Together We Dance

Director:  Chaz Hollamon

Email: togetherwecance16@gmail.com

Alma de Mexico St. Louis

Artistic Director:  Octavio Nieto

Coordinator:  Gabriela Cornelius

Email:  Alma_Mexicostl@yahoo.com

Website:  almademexicostluis.weebly.com/contact.html


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