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Guide to America's Birthday Parade

Parade Route and Parking Map

The new map of America's Birthday Parade Route is ready!

2023 Parade Map .JPG

Parade Route

America's Birthday Parade returns to the streets of downtown St. Louis on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.  The parade begins at the intersection of Broadway and Market Streets at 10:00 AM and proceeds west on 18th and Market Street ending at 18th Street near Union Station. 

Parking Information

Please plan ahead when determining where to park on parade day. The police will strictly enforce NO PARKING in and around the parade route, and parade assembly and dispersal areas. Vehicles left in these areas are likely to be towed during the early morning hours of July 4, 2023.


There are many parking options around the parade route in Downtown St. Louis! A list of preferred parking locations in downtown St. Louis can be accessed here

Accessible Services

A special viewing area will be provided for spectators with special needs or disabilities, as it has been done for America's Birthday Parade previously. The viewing area will be located at the southeast corner of 8th & Market Street.

The facilities will include interpreters for the hearing impaired, announcers for the visually impaired, and a viewing space for the orthopedically impaired. Cold water and wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms will be available, and limited parking for handicapped licensed vans will be provided on a first come - first serve basis. Designated disabled parking will be available on 8th Street between Market and Walnut Street. 

Deaf Inc. will provide interpreting services to America's Birthday Parade, for more information please visit Deaf Inc.'s website by clicking here

Street Closures

Various streets will be closed on Sunday, July 2, 2023, for the parade route and the parade assembly and dispersal areas.  In addition, multiple streets will be designated as No Parking areas commencing at 12:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 4, 2023. 

Click here to view the Street Closures Map.


The following streets will be closed -

From 10:00 PM Sunday, July 2nd, until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, July 4th:

  • Market from Broadway to 7th Street

  • 7th from Market to Chestnut

  • South side of Chestnut from 7th to 8th Street


From 6:00 AM Tuesday, July 4th, until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, July 4th:

North/South Streets

  • Broadway from Cole to Gratiot

  • 6th from Chestnut to Washington

  • 6th from Market to Walnut

  • 7th from Washington to Walnut

  • 8th from Washington to Walnut

  • 9th from Washington to Clark

  • 10th from Pine to Clark

  • 11th from Market to Clark

  • Tucker from Clark to Pine

  • 13th from Pine to Market

  • 14th from Clark to Pine

  • 15th from Market to Pine

  • 16th from Clark to Market

  • 17th from Pine to Market

  • 18th from Clark to Olive

  • 19th from Olive to Chestnut

  • 20th from Olive to Eugenia

  • 21st from Market to Eugenia

  • 22nd from Market to Clark

  • 23rd from Chestnut to Olive

  • Spring from Forest Park to Clark

East/West Streets

  • Market from 4th to Jefferson

  • Walnut from 4th to Tucker

  • Clark from 22nd to Jefferson

  • Clark from 4th to 8th

  • Spruce from 4th to Broadway

  • Poplar from 4th to Broadway

  • Cerre from 4th to Broadway

  • Chestnut from 4th to 9th

  • Chestnut from Tucker to 20th 

  • Pine from 4th to Broadway

  • Pine from 17th to Jefferson

  • Olive from 4th to 10th

  • Locust from Broadway to 10th

  • St. Charles from 4th to Broadway

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See you there!

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